Anora - Druid Daily Word Count

Wait, what?

Nature is dying. What?! Apparently this is what I’m learning in Anora. The whole time I’ve been writing I had no clue why Anora was so dang important. Today I figured it out. It’s not just about her – well, it is – but it’s the land. Evil is attempting to take over again (I’m interested in that whole, again word there) and because of it, nature is killing itself. I’m interested in that too. It’s killing itself. Not that nature is just dying, but that it is actively taking itself out of the equation? Well that’s darn interesting to myself. How nature is an active thing in this book wasn’t at all a plan of mine.

I was focused on the characters as usual, but apparently we’re going a different route. Leaving the writer to scratch her head.






Word count I started the day with: 23,114

Word count I ended the day with: 24,043

Total for the day: 929 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

Servants of Twilight – Dean Koontz


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