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Cage is an interesting character for me. Most characters are larger than life. They can be difficult, yet they chatter. Cage . . . he is different. He is as quiet to me, as he is in the Dark Illusions series. It’s his nature to watch, study, listen. He’s just one of those characters. I am interested to note if he makes an entrance again.

Will we hear from him later?

Will I?

Cage is part of the Elukkar clan. The Elukkar vampires maintain most of the traits of the wolf they can shift into. They are fierce, they are beasts, they are used as bodyguards because of it. They are not a vampire you want to anger. Once looked down upon by the Raaka for their behavior (why would they disgrace their kind by acting like such animals?), the Raaka still harbor those feelings, but have since learned to quell them. The Elukkar’s leader Cage works as bodyguard at times for the Runsasi, which lends them respect. More than that, Cage is like a son to Julian after he took him in. You do not dare harass anything which Julian treasures. Cage rebels, but like the wolf, it is his nature. Will he ever calm that? Find out in the Dark Illusions series.

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