The most unique book writing group you’ll find online

Are you serious about improving your writing? Do you want to become a better storyteller? Are you serious about making a living with your writing? Join my new [and quite different] writing group on Facebook!

Are you serious about improving your writing? Do you want to become a better storyteller? Are you serious about making a living with your writing? Join my new [and quite different] writing group on Facebook!

Add me here: then send me a message and let me know you’d like to join. Below is the description that I made. Please read it thoroughly to decide if it’s right for you.

Editors and Writers are welcome. The rules are enforced to keep this a working and stable environment. Read below to participate. You’re welcome to invite friends. Be sure they know these rules to see if this group is a fit for them.

What this group IS:

  • A private place to exchange ideas or bounce ideas off other people who can offer their thoughts to help you with your own. Sometimes we just need someone to talk with to spark our brain.
  • A place where we can post nothing more than our word count for the day and have other writers encourage us. (This isn’t an obligation – if you don’t write every day, don’t worry. It’s just something that the group offers if you want to take advantage for the days you write.)
  • A place to have help with a certain scene/line/passage that you can’t get right and need thoughts on.
  • Help with synopsis, covers, anything that you deal with as a writer/editor. Even marketing and website help.
  • Pretty much anything support-wise or help-wise goes. Grammar help even.
  • ALL genre are welcome.
  • A place where we give blunt and constructive advice if asked for it.
  • A place where we know that we each have to honor and respect an individual author’s voice so give advice, but it’s up to each person to take what feels right and discard the rest.
  • You’re welcome to share links that are writing related help, or an article that you come across which you think will benefit group members.

What this group is NOT:

  • There is NO obligation to like one another’s page (there is a member document where you can list your links and then it’s up to each of us if we want to friend/follow).
  • There is NO spamming the group with buy my book links.
  • There is NO promotion of any kind, but you can ask for help if you’re having a promotion and would like to know what others have done that have worked for them.
  • There is NO “you have to share my book for sale” posts.
  • There is NO joining and never participating. THIS I will enforce. (We’ll figure out a decent amount of time as we go on.)
  • There is NO marketing to one another. This is support first, not a gain numbers/customers group.

Question any of these rules to see if this fits for you. I’ll explain any of them.

In this group, we are a TEAM. Which means all opinions are welcome, all thoughts, question everything I say. The biggest rule I have is the participation. I want to see everyone participating. There will be no slackers in this group. That is why we are unique.

We are different. Hence the name: Rebel Word Slingers. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to be different. We don’t have to be great. We simply have to find out what’s unique about us and develop that. Then we will stand out from the crowd. Then we will become better writers and we will grow.

Posted the below in the group, but thought I’d share it here so you can understand two of my biggest rules – if I don’t see participation? You won’t be sticking around. This is an active group. All of us can manage popping in the group at least once a week, or every other week and read through posts, offer thoughts.

I wanted to address two things that may start to happen. One is participation. Second is offering your personal opinions.

First, my main goal of this group IS the participation. I have gone through far too many groups where they slack and people don’t participate unless they have a book coming out and then it’s all, “here I am!” Nope. We won’t be self-serving here. That’s not going to happen. Don’t bother me with the busy excuse because it won’t fly. We are creators of time, we aren’t victims of it. We are different (hence the group name). In this group we are committed to becoming better at what we do. Through blood, sweat, and tears we are going to GROW. That requires time and effort. Demanding and excruciatingly painful effort, but that was the point of creating this group. To find people of a like mind who want to fight for a career as a writer/editor. Every day I want to give up because it’s hard and every day I climb out of bed and sit at the computer. It’s not easy. I will pay attention to who slacks on participation. That is how we are supporting one another. We are a TEAM. We show up, we fight with/for one another. You will get one warning and then if I don’t see effort on your part, I will explain this isn’t the group for you. I can be tough, but imagine how I am on myself. I’m EASY on you because I’m a kind person, but I didn’t make this to be yet another group. I made this group to find people like me who are serious about what they do.

Second is injecting opinions. I am reserved as all heckers. To voice an opinion that is contradictory to others can be intimidating, or I think, meh, my opinion doesn’t matter. But that’s not true. YOUR opinion matters in this group. Every single one of you matter to this group. Every single one of you has something to bring to this group. Every single one of you should voice anything you like because you won’t be judged. Or post something that you think others may like, even if you doubt yourself. To go against the grain takes courage and I respect that. Just remember that in this group: YOU MATTER. Your opinion matters. Your personal style and voice are welcome. That’s why I say invite everyone you like, just be sure they know the rules to see if this group fits for them. The more who offer thoughts, the better each one of us will be at deciding what works for us as individuals. Don’t be afraid to be yourself in this group! ❤

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