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And she exposes a bit about herself!

Gonna start using the featured images to share what I feel like a scene looks like from that day. I’ve been trying to attempt writing at the desk again. See if my back can handle it, my wrists, and my chest. I’ve found the muscle in my chest getting stronger from working in the garden so I can hunch over for longer periods without feeling like someone is stabbing me the rest of the day. I’m also sitting in the chair differently than I was. More of a lean back position, or straight back (easier said than done when sitting for long periods).

I see my sales picking up so when they finally get steady (dog food and such always comes first), I can get a proper chair. I use a straight back chair from the kitchen table set that my dad found for my mom. Really pretty designs, but not designed for sitting long periods. Gotta remember that my body is getting older and no longer wants to recover (muscle-wise that is) as easy. My skin is the incredible one. I scraped some skin off my knee on accident yesterday and today? Can’t even see the wound. It’s gone. I never did anything to it either. Other than think to myself god, did scraping my knee sting so much as a kid? Why did I keep doing things that did that? haha

So today Anora exposed a very interesting ability that she didn’t know she possessed. I wonder if her abilities will present themselves because of an age thing, or leaving her home and entering a certain part of the forest. I think the forest in this book, or forestS will be a major point for her. Maybe increasing her abilities, or something similar. Not sure. Still too early in the book for a lot of speculation since I’m going into this one blind.

I know there was something else I was going to mention, but the brain quit. I thought about having to contact my editor and then poof. There went the thought. haha Love when that happens < – sarcasm.






Word count I started the day with: 15,241

Word count I ended the day with: 16,549

Total for the day: 1308 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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