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Something’s gooonnna happen



Good word count today. I’m happy that I boosted myself back up. Last week wasn’t as fun in how many words I got. One of the drawbacks of writing about the word count every day, I end up letting my own mind get sucked into that realm of I have to hit a certain number so I can keep up the word count publicly. Rather a stupid thing in the mind if you think about it. But it’s something that will worm its way in there and suddenly you’re all . . . oh great.

Either way, back up there, and that makes me happy.

We’re gonna see some action this week in the story. I think Anora is about to find out what she is capable of.

It’s been really nice today (80’s) so I’ve been getting some much needed yard work done (weeding), which is another one of those projects that just . . . not sure. Makes my mind settle down, and things work out better when I think about them.

Over the weekend, I took some time to play with some of the notes Jeanie gave me about Daughter of the Red Planet and I had a wonderful epiphany. There was an idea that I was playing around with. She didn’t think it was great at first, but after reading the book, she agreed that it may be good. Well . . . then I played with her thoughts with that idea, and mine too. I printed out her notes and there was this one sentence. I think it was something along the lines of “follow her” that my mind shifted and went, no, not follow. Hunted.

Then it became hold on for the ride.

The creative brain took over and the idea took off. I will be sharing what I discovered in my next newsletter first before I share it here. Gots a lot of updates to do at this point, thanks to that idea! Love it.

It is also looking like my original plan for Daughter of the Red Planet to be a Science Fiction Horror-ish, will change into it being more of a Science Fiction Fantasy-ish. It even fits into the realm of being Space Opera. Never would’ve thunk that. (Pairing something I do with Space Opera.)

I also uploaded a new video of Kona harassing me, haha.




Word count I started the day with: 14,055

Word count I ended the day with: 15,241

Total for the day: 1186 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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