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Dun dun dun

Official---AnoraSo now we find out what has freaked Anora out in the middle of the night. And of course I’m not telling you anything silly billy. You have to wait until I write the book, then edit the book, and theeennnn publish it. 😀

You love me and you know it.

What I’m enjoying and I find interesting about Anora and Storm – the kidnapper – is the connection they have. Despite him having kidnapped her, there is a sort of familiarity between them. It makes for an interesting read. By the little things, it’s clear that he’s not a man to mess around with. That he’s incredibly dangerous. And yet . . . and yet I think even he senses the . . . hmm, I don’t want to say familiarity. Oh, twin soul. That would be a great way to put it. He senses a kindred soul in Anora. She’s smart, he’s calculating. What an interesting match, haha. I don’t think he’s going to be her love match – he kidnapped her, that’s sort of a kink – but I am curious to see this play out.

I don’t control my characters so there is no telling where things go from here. That’ll be up to them.

Today I’ll finish the page and cover for the next book in line that I’ll be publishing [after Daughter of the Red Planet, then Ancient Scars], which is Cessation. The first book in The Alchemist series. I’ll add that to my “On Deck” widget on the homepage too. After that is published, it’ll be the two books in the Sylphline Realm series (Crown of Ice followed by Royal Blood). Since I have those covers and page done, I’ll probably go ahead and add them to the “On Deck” widget too. I didn’t want to until I got Cessation up since there’d be a weird gap that would make no sense.

On a random note – I have this odd bruise I discovered on my inner thigh that hurts like the dickens! Don’t know where it came from. The closest I can figure is I hit it on the mower when I was mowing the grass, but I don’t see how that is. I swear I sometimes think I am being kidnapped by aliens at night. Or maybe Sasquatch. (Don’t commit me, I’m only joking. Or am I?)



Word count I started the day with: 7265

Word count I ended the day with: 8744

Total for the day: 1479 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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