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And the race begins!

I’ve officially begun the Anora – Druid novel. And then it occurs to me as I am, I should get started on a cover for it too. I happened to think just now, I ran across a couple images that may work for a cover. Or at least a cover for this blog series as I write the book. I’ll have to work on that soon. Today I finished Daughter of the Red Planet and sent it off to Creech Enterprises for the first go round.

Back to the novel: I wrote 1600 words today. A good first go. I think I had almost 600 in the notebook I’d played with to get an idea of the first setting scene. Setting scene as in, you open the book and start to read and I tried to set the stage for what it was like. I opened it with the forest + animals + trees + Anora + the city she came from. All things that are connected to her being a Druid and a Fantasy book. I’ll connect and work out more elements since I am nearing the end of the chapter, but I’m teaching myself to work that first chapter into saying here is what this book will be like and about.

I’m doing that consciously, while not. My creative mind is the driving force. I’m not purposely going . . . I need to insert this and that. No, no, no. I’m just playing along with the muse and letting the words come as they will. In edits, I can do what I just mentioned, but not while writing. I went into this book with the sole purpose of working only on this book until it’s done – a fun challenge! – and without having a clue where I’m going or what I’m writing about. I have my base thoughts for that first chapter and after that, it’s going where it will.

I do already have a few ideas on where it’s going to go in some areas, but not much. Just at thought or two. While I wrote today, I had a whole new scene that came up inside that first chapter that I hadn’t at all thought about before I started to write. That’s what’s great about trusting the muse, creative part of your brain, whatever you want to call it. Trust the process. That’s a decent way to put it.

This is the only book you’ll see me chatting about until it’s done. This is going to be a fun challenge for me. It’s been a long time since I wrote only one novel at a time.

Tomorrow I’ll work on the cover for this. It’s 4pm now, which is when I quit for the day. Well, writing work wise. After 4pm, it’s dog time, dinner making time, house cleaning time, etc. lol I’m not officially done with everything for the day until 8pm I’ll say. Sometimes I do some paper editing around 6pm or 7pm, after making and eating dinner.



Word count I started the day with: 0

Worked from 10:30-11:30am. Ended the novel at: 1600

Total for the day: 1600 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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