Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

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What happened there?

Official CoverFinishing Witness to the Moon this week.

I am entirely surprised by a scene that took place today. I kept asking myself while I wrote the past few days, how on earth a strong Lycaen like Alex could find himself overpowered. How could a man like Alex ever be taken by anyone? It’s not that he’s invisible, but being as old as he is. You don’t get to be in a position like him, and the age, by never learning how to fight and take care of yourself. And then . . . bam. Oh. That’s how.

I hadn’t thought about it, hadn’t considered, hadn’t even come close to registering in my head. Then while I was writing, I learned just how a man like Alex could find himself weakened. Oh the terribleness of it all. 😀 <–because you wanna know, huh? I would! But you have to read to learn.

I think I may finish writing the book tomorrow if all goes well. Or Thursday. There isn’t much left that I want to say in this story. I want the next part to take place in the third book. What is working itself in my brain though is how and where will this go? I know where it’s headed, but the after is what I’m curious about. What is going to take place?

Don’t quote me on this, but I have a strong hunch Mila is gonna get herself kidnapped. Not sure why, but that idea occurred to me after I wrote today. We will see if it actually takes place, but if she is, I’m curious how it will turn out, what will happen because of it.



Word count I started the day with: 69,900

 Worked from 10:30-11:45am. Ended the day at: 71,874

Goal for this book is around 80K for writing only (editing I put in a lot of words).

Total for the day: 1974 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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