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Didn’t see that coming

Official CoverWorking on Witness to the Moon this week.

Since I’m going to work on this for another week, I may just keep going with this one, rather than start the Anora – Druid story that I wanted to. I’m thinking that I will try that out for a change. Work on one novel exclusively until it’s done.

My biggest concern that I always think about with writing one exclusive novel is the boredom. As much as I love to write novels, if I don’t constantly switch what I’m working on (probably why I can work on a ton of projects at once) then I get bored and I struggle with the work. It’s not writing either so I know it isn’t a “writing” issue per se. My issue is pure boredom. I get bored extremely easy if my brain isn’t constantly changing things up. Even with chores and every day life, talking to people, you name it.

I haven’t tried to write only one novel at once in a few years. So I will challenge myself to do just that. See how fast it goes, how well it works out, etc. I could always add another if it lags too bad.

I’m curious where the end will go in Witness to the Moon. I’ve been receiving loads of interesting information from the characters and ideas that will take me into the next book for this, or the second in the Dynasty of Moirae series. I am considering doing what George R.R. Martin did with the number 4 & 5 book in his Game Of Thrones series. They were written in the same time frame. The characters were split, but the time period overlaps. There would be plenty for #3 in the Enchanting the Moon series and #2 in the Dynasty of Moirae series to overlap. The characters would naturally be split in their own ways, but they’d cross over more because those two books may split the same time frame. Does that make sense? Hopefully so. I have ideas brewing that may work better that way. I have never done a book that way before or thought about it, but I just see no other easy methods to tell each story, but by doing an overlap.


Have you checked out the free preview of Blood By Night?




Word count I started the day with: 67,663

 Worked from ?. Ended the day at: 68,643

Goal for this book is around 80K for writing only (editing I put in a lot of words).

Total for the day: 980 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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