Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Reaching new heights in this Universe

Official CoverWorking on Witness to the Moon this week. I’m definitely gonna be working on this for another week. There are places I need to go that I won’t reach tomorrow.

New information is being learned in the story right now and I’m working through the character’s thoughts and reactions on said information.


Not sure if you’d be interested in checking it out, but Dean Welsey Smith (who inspired this chronicling of the writing and such every day) is doing a blog series right now on how to write a novel in 7 days. No kidding. His plan is to increase the words by 1000 every day, until he finishes the novel. The start is 3000 words.

Stop by his website ( and you can check out his posts. Yesterday he posted the prologue to the story and today was the start of the challenge.

I’m trying to get a major boost on the edits for Daughter of the Red Planet today because I’ve been changing and adding details before Jeanie gives it a run though. I was hoping to finish it and get that to her by this weekend, but with all the edits and such, I think it’ll be another few days to a week before that happens.

Tracie Dee posted another great article earlier this morning on this site. Give it a read and comment –


Have you checked out the free preview of Blood By Night?




Word count I started the day with: 65,840

 Worked from 10:15-11:15AM. Ended the day at: 67,663

Goal for this book is around 80K for writing only (editing I put in a lot of words).

Total for the day: 1823 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin


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