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Bloggers Wanted!

Are you a Book Blogger or Book Reviewer?

Contact me for a chance to read and review any of my books. This includes video reviews as well. In exchange for a review, I will gift you one eBook copy of any of my books that are up for sale. As long as a book is in preorder or for sale, it’s up for grabs. Your choice.

All reviews must include my site link

If you’re interested, send an email to or use the Contact link above in the navigation bar.

Please include the subject line “Re: Book Reviewer.”

Current genres I have up are short Horror, short Horror Mystery, Paranormal Romance (can also be Suspense/Thriller based), and Fantasy. Feel free to ask me for the best for you. I’ll direct you to the books, or simply go through my list in the nav bar.

If you don’t hear from me within a week you are welcome to contact me again. I get busy, emails may get lost. Or leave a comment on this post.

You do not need a huge following to be chosen. If you send me your site link (where you will talk about the book), I’ll check to make sure that you have a site, but I’m not looking at numbers. Not everyone plays by the rules and will go through this just to get the book and never give a review. I thank anyone who offers! If I receive a lot of requests it may take me time to sort through, but don’t get discouraged! I’ll get to you.

I reallllllllly appreciate your time, and you are more than welcome to link back to this page once you’ve posted a review. Or simply leave it as a comment, that way everyone can check out your review! You can also tag me in any social network if you’d like. On Instagram and Twitter it’s @kimsiverson and on Facebook it’s Kim Iverson (link is under the old pen name

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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