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This week is Kennedy’s turn, further along than I thought

Royal Blood - Book Two - KennedyWorking on Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood this week. I finished the cover idea yesterday, but I’m still tweaking. It’s not the final, but I’ll upload it and use it on this post for a placeholder.

Thanks to the change in time, I got up late – shocking! lol So my day is off. Had we not had the time change, I would’ve been up early for a change. Berghs. <– Frustration sound, lol. Good word count at least. Only worked today from about 10:50 AM – 11:15AM and most of it was spent reading what I’d last written so that I could get the mindset back to where I left off.

I’m further along than I thought I was for this book. I guess I forgot to update my word count tracker. I could go see what the last blog post was for the numbers, but meh. Things are picking up again, which I am loving.

This is a Fantasy story, but there is a deeper element of the purest form of love as well so it’s an interesting experience for me to write, mostly because for a book like that, one has to dig deep into the heart. When I’m writing a thriller, horror, or some other book, I have to tap into my deepest fears and place them onto a page. Not the actual moment, but the feelings behind the fear. Otherwise to the reader it’s a read that won’t hit home, won’t touch you, won’t affect you. So when I have to write about a love like this, I need to find that within me. I need to touch a place inside of me that is the purest form of love possible, which for a person like myself, is tough.

I’ve never had it. Not with another person. I’ve loved, I’ve loved deeply, I’ve had male friends who’ve loved me deeply, and that I’ve loved deeply, but the connection that is in this book, I haven’t. Not that sort. So the place I have to tap into is a place where I sort of reach into what could be versus what is or what was. I think that’s one of those gifts that writers have to nurture. Empathy is the closest thing I can think of. Putting yourself into another’s shoes and truly embracing it. In this case, it’s a character of mine. I have to be in her place and even his place and utterly absorb myself into what they may feel to be able to put it correctly on the page.

Whoever says writing is easy, may not write books that — to me — are truly deep. And that is what I like to read. I like it coincidentally in my friendships as well. I want to see the depth and feel that depth. I don’t want some idle quick read. I want to dive deep inside, lose myself, and be changed by those characters. To become them, to live as them, to feel, even when it’s heartbreaking. Takes courage, but is it worth it?





Word count I started the day with: 71,398

 Worked from 10:50 AM – 11:15 AM. Ended the day at: 72,024.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 626 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance of Dragons by George R.R. Martin


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