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Book cover design time fun

Working today on book covers. Have five open. So far I think I have one for the first and second in the Sylphline Realm series, now I just need one for the third. And then I am working on the covers for the first and second in my Cody series. I also have a third going, despite not even having a third book in mind. Just in case. I’m still tweaking them. The font for the book title is making me go back and forth. As well as the color and placement.

Also worked out titles for the Kennedy series. The Kennedy series is pure Fantasy (of course there is Romance in it too – like deeeeeeeppp romance – not sexual but deep pure love). And since I’m going to make a page for the first Kennedy book since it will be placed in my “on deck” area on the homepage soon, and I have decided that it works for me, I’ll share just that one with ya.

  1. Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice
  2. Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood
  3. Sylphline Realm – Darkness (or Dark Sylphs, haven’t solidified a name for that one)

As for my Science Fiction (could also be Post-Apocalyptic) Cody series. I think there could only be two, but I’m open for a third. The series title is The Alchemist Series

  1. Cessation
  2. Cell Division (really wanna find a single word for this one so the title isn’t set in stone quite yet.)

That first title is also iffy. I really like it for all that it stands for because that is completely perfect, bbbuuuttt I have to really feel it in my gut. I go with gut instinct on many things. When I haven’t listened to it, I’ve had problems, but I noticed that if my gut say, yes! then it usually works for book covers, stories, etc. This is why I’m an odd duck. 😉

I’m sure there are plenty of people who think what I do is crap and will pick it apart, but I’m not concerned. For now, this is what I can do, and I’m interested in getting stuff out there quickly while I can and how I can. I don’t have the funds available to hire professionals. This I can do. I look at it like this. I use the resources available to me. I want to get the books out so people can enjoy reading them.

When I first pubbed Dark Illusions: the Beginning, I had a crap cover on it. Really basic and meh. It was downloaded quite a lot, and not even being free. I’m not gonna worry and hold my books back just because of a cover. Otherwise I’d still be sitting here without one book published, waiting to save enough to buy ONE cover. Covers can be updated and improved over and over and over again, and kinda should. Times change, people and interests change. I may want to go more Romance for the cover and less Fantasy-ish. The cover will have to change with that.

So why worry? Plenty of people don’t like things you like, I like, the next to you person likes. Those who don’t mind, matter; those who do, don’t. 🙂 Everyone will have something negative to say about anything. Not going to worry and neither should you.

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