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Spring couldn’t come soon enough

Official CoverWorking on Witness to the Moon this week.

Didn’t write yesterday because I hadn’t slept much so most the brain shut down. My knee decided to hire some little monsters to carve it up into pieces and I made the mistake of thinking that stretching the muscles out would help. Oh boy howdy did it do anything but. It made things worse. I can’t believe how much it hurt. I was too tired to wander into the kitchen and try getting some Advil since I knew it was so close to time to just get out of bed. I am a person who will avoid any semblance of medication if I can because I want my body to be its own defense system. So it takes extremes to get me to finally go for medication.Funny thing too. As soon as I got out of bed, my knee was better. I still wrapped it and eased off it the rest of the day. The pain was dramatically gone until today. Not it’s back to a dull pain. Interesting. My nerves have this thing now. If I bend a certain nerve for a certain period of time, I’ll suffer. Back, knee, chest, side, wrist, doesn’t matter. If I move too little during the day or too much, I’ll suffer.

By the time I got on the computer, it was close to eleven in the morning and I was shot. I did some good editing work in the afternoon and started to play with the cover for the next SciFi series that I’m going to be working on and putting out after The Guardian of Life series though.

I’m playing with names for it. I am really liking Cessation since there is so much meaning in that title and the book fits many areas where the name fits. The series is The Alchemist series. It’s my Cody book that I was working on. There is going to be another in the series. At least two books in the series. Could be it. The best way I describe the story is sort of a female Jekyll Hyde story. I’ll get a page going for it shortly. So much to do, so little time. I still have to make the covers and such for my Sylphline Series. That one is The Sylphline Realm series. Gotta make pages for those.

That’s the way that I’ll be releasing the books (chronological).

This will all be added to my book ( page and on the homepage somehow. If my organizing is confusing let me know, I don’t want it to be hard to figure things out.

By that time I’ll be done writing Witness to the Moon (Enchanting the Moon series – Book Two – Paranormal Romance) and even have finished Law of The Beast (Dynasty of Moirae series – Paranormal Romance). My brain won’t let me go farther. That’s at least the next two years worth of books coming I think. Every 4-6 months probably to release. Don’t quote me on that date, I’d stress myself tooooo much, that’s why I avoid schedules like the plague. Stress = panic attacks for me.I’ll also have short stories mixed in there and I still have a few stories I’ve finished that I haven’t even begun to edit that need editing or rewriting. I also have a few ideas for stories and series that I haven’t started to write and need to. One of those being about a female Druid named Anora. Plentyyyy more to come! 😉

I’ll be happy when I get back on my good sleep schedule. Meaning I wake at 6 AM and can get out of bed earlier. Winter I have been waking at 7AM or 7:30AM which sets me back. You can tell by the times I write that I’ve gotten up late. I keep to my schedule, even if it means pushing the time backward. So if I’m not writing 10-11am, I’ve either had a busy morning so that I’ve been dealing with other things a lot, or I woke late. Usually it’s from waking up late.

Okay, gotta get to editing for a bit than I’ll take a break and see if I can play with pages and covers. I do these posts in the afternoon, which takes away from editing time, but I wouldn’t have time in the morning to do them.



Word count I started the day with: ? – Once again having issues with word count. According to the current way it was, I have written in the reverse amount. So I’m going to start going by Word’s word count since I am now working again. I was using the word count counter, but somehow again, my words are off. Technology is lovely sometimes. Frustrating. So my end word count today is from Word 2002 and I will go with that from now on. Hopefully I’m correct. Unless somehow I’ve been losing words. Gasp! I would hate to find that out.

 Worked from 10:30AM – 11:20-ish. Ended the day at: 59,648.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 824 words

I know because I went back to count. I didn’t get 1000 (what I usually try for but I’m happy if I get words at all) because I went back in the chapter and read what I wrote to get my brain back in line since I didn’t write yesterday. My goal for each day is just to write, but I like to get at least one thousand.


Current Book I’m Reading –

Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child


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