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Gonna stick with Witness to the Moon this week

Official CoverWorking on Witness to the Moon this week. Figured out why my word count was off from the other day. I was writing just fine, but wouldn’t you know, every program gave me a darn different number! I would’ve opened my old Word 2002, but removing the Office from this laptop took the Word 2002 with it. :/ I have to reinstall it in case I want to use it. Until I buy the license for WPS Office (if I do), I can’t save PDF with it and a couple other things. So I’ll use Word to do that.

Now see, these are all the “resistance” moments that Steven Pressfield talks about. And what I refer to as nothing more than life testing a person to see how much you want whatever it is that you want. May sound odd, but to me it’s something I’ve seen throughout my life. Like when you start your diet, suddenly your best friend brings a cake over. Or there is a birthday party, etc. Because life will test you. Some people may call it God. Bottom line is that these aren’t just random accidents. I can either get fed up and give up, thinking the writing life is hard (and it is) or that this isn’t worth it, but I won’t. Because I don’t. Because I love what I do too much, and because I have many books to finish, many ideas to continue. I get this every few months. Many people want to pursue something they love, but this is the thing right here.

What you love is going to be tested to see if you deserve the rewards. (Pardon use of “you,” I’m talking to myself in this situation too. 😉 General usage of “you” here.) And you’re not gonna be able to do the best parts of what you love without 90% of it being tough and stuff you don’t want to do. There is admin crap, sales, marketing, and these little mini fights to just get a solid working atmosphere to write. Well, like Stephen King said once, and I deal with the same thing, (not quoting) if you want to write, you’ll write. Whether you’re stuffed into a tiny closet or whether you have the perfect atmosphere. Most of us only can hope for a great atmosphere and situation to pursue what we love. But to be a writer means to write anywhere, anytime, however we can. There is no perfect atmosphere, no perfect situations.

In my life, I’m called on a lot once my elderly mother wakes up. I have eight dogs and a cat, a parakeet, one of those dogs is elderly so she requires a bit more attention than the rest. I sit now on my bed since the desk sitting kills my back no matter what I’ve tried and I’m using the old laptop again (it is a dinosaur in this day and age, but it works awesome for what I need it for, and for what I play with.) I have the least perfect atmosphere than I need, but that’s okay for me. Because there are no excuses.

Write, write, write. Period.

My word count issue, spurred me to find a fix.

And not only does my fix not only help me, but I made a page for you to also help should you need a good word count checker. The page doesn’t record anything, keep anything, or do anything more than tell you how many words something is, but it also acts a character counter. Don’t know about you, but having to check characters for all sorts of things is something I often have to search for. Mostly because I’m too lazy to bookmark a site and then search for it through my bookmarks. 😀

I made a page to list all my books.

So now, if you click on the link in my navigation bar “Books” it will lead to an actual page listing every book I published, as well as the series they are connected to, where they are, and I included a timeline image (you’re welcome to save it) of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe so that you’ll know where each book stands in the Universe –

I should point out that it’s not finished, lol. That’s why you only see some of the books. Had to quit and make dinner last night so I couldn’t finish it and then  haven’t gotten back to it, but I hope to in the next week.




Word count I started the day with: 57,136

 Worked from 10:30 – 11:15 AM. Ended the day at: 58,271.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 1,135 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child


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