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Daily Word Count – March 4, 2016

Official CoverWorking on Witness to the Moon this week. I’ve been having a dickens of a time with trying out other writing programs now that my Word 2010 license is invalid. My desktop is the 4th to install it on so pfft, it quit. Been trying out other programs. As much as I like the WPS Office, I noticed the past few days that when I’m typing real fast and then it goes to save, it’ll crash the program. Yes, I am a lightning speed typer!

No, not really, but I am fairly fast at this point I suppose. Really helpful to myself because then I can keep up with my thoughts and there ain’t (ain’t isn’t a proper word of speech, yeah, yeah, yeah old school teachers but that is why I’m calling myself a rebel word slinger – know de rules, break de rules) nothing better than to keep up with my thoughts. It allows me to type all the faster. The only thing slowing me down since I still haven’t switched back to the Dvorak layout is simply having to wear something on my wrists or fingerless gloves to keep the muscles warm so they don’t cinch up. I have been doing great with my makeshift night splint. No more daytime pain in the hand thanks to that.

So not much thoughts on the story for today. Been busy trying to get my old Works Suite (Word 2002 baby!) to work with Win 10. Dem licenses don’t expire after any amount of PC’s. Only drawback is inability to open .docx files so I’ve been playing with Open Office (no likie, dunno why), Libre Office (just trying out today, may not fit me either), and WPS Office (still like it, despite the crashes and that it takes a minute to upload to my Dropbox account every time I save – have I mentioned I lack patience sometimes?). I may keep the WPS Office and the Word 2002 in the end. This could be solved by me just buying a new Word license (for a similar year), or Scrivener I’m sure, but both cost similar and I just got the desktop so no go on the budget. I’m not making enough steadily off my books yet. I can get groceries and pay for the pets and there goes the money. I was considering setting up a donation thingie in the sidebar in case people wanted to offer a few bucks here and there to support my writing career, but I’m still back and forth on it. It would definitely help me between books sales. And keep this site going, even allow me to open another site I wanted to do, but we will see. What do you think?

Currently doing one story one week, then shifting to another the next week, and back.

Word count I started the day with: Worked from 10:30 – 11something AM. Ended the day at: 57,136.

(Got meh numbers wrong yesterday. Program said wrong, or I looked at something wrong.)

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: technically no idea words


Question of the Day –

What is your thing to do on vacation?



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