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Daily Word Count – March 3, 2016

Official CoverWorking on Witness to the Moon this week. Yes, I’ve still been working, but the habit hasn’t been ingrained in me to publish a post every day. And honestly I get so wrapped up in my work that I don’t want to take the ten minutes or so sometimes to publish a post. Which is in its own way incredibly bad and a habit I should break. Drawback of loving the work that you do. I am a workaholic naturally.

Today I restarted my edits on Daughter of the Red Planet. Two weeks into it and gah, that’s a headache. The reason: I was doing edits and kept noticing where I’d find a period spaced away from words. I thought a few times, I probably did it without thinking, or something odd was happening. But then I started going, wait. Turns out that when I switched writing programs, I ended up losing words.

On. The. Whole. Novel.

Yipe, right?

Well, what happened was this plugin that I used suggested changes and would cross the words out. That was in Word. So when I switched to WPS Office, (seriously awesome program for tablet users and mobile too, I’d suggest checking it out) the plugin somehow wiped the words that were crossed and inserted the corrections automatically. One of the programs did. Either way, it was a fault of the user for not having thought that would happen (moiself) and so I paid by realizing that my entire MS I was editing was not the original.

I’ll explain it better by saying that if the program crossed out “remaining” and suggested “stayed” as a better alternative (simple word compared to “remaining”), then what I was seeing in the manuscript was “stayed.” That’s not that big of a deal and since it was not marked in any way, I was non the wiser.

What IS a big deal is that if the suggestion had absolutely no reason to be suggested say, “there weren’t plants,” is what I had, but the program thought I meant, “their weren’t plants,” then I saw the latter suggestion in the manuscript. Unless my eye caught the difference, which it wasn’t since I input edits at this stage, I don’t read and pay too much attention to the actual novel so I’m not READING it again, or editing, I’m only inputting the edits.

It was either try and fix all the errors, or just get the original manuscript back out of my files and restart from the beginning. So I’m restarting. Two weeks down the drain essentially. Hard lesson learned. I’m not mentioning the program because I’m not bashing it. It’s a great program. I just learned a lesson and something you can’t do with it. (Switch programs on it.) Had I stuck with Word, it may have been fine, but I didn’t, I’m trying something new. Usually when this stuff happens, it’s actually for the best so I’m not going to get all angry. It’s frustrating and annoying, but in the end I’m sure it’s for the best and good will come of it. Usually happens that way for me.

Anyway, because I have been changing programs, my writing has fluctuated. I set up the old laptop that I got when I gave my mom mine. That old one used to be mine and still works great. I installed my writing program on it and will only use it for that. I can use Photoshop and even the internet just fine on it, it’s just I want to stick with only writing on it. I am using that for writing because ever since I was little I had issues sitting in straight backed chairs and for long periods keeping my back straight. Don’t ask why. My nerves in my back and my chest have been suffering, even with working out and strengthening them. So I’m going back to sitting on my bed to write with one of those seat pillow thingies that you can lean up against to see how it works for me. So far this week it’s been great, but I think that’s partly from switching back to Witness to the Moon. :p I do so love it. Wonderful that I’m already being pinged with ideas for number three. Awesomesauce!

Currently doing one story one week, then shifting to another the next week, and back.

Word count I started the day with: dunno. Worked from 10:30 – 11:30 AM. Ended the day at: 61,424.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: technically no idea words


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