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Daily Word Count – Feb 23, 2016

This week it’s all about Kennedy #2. I know the series name will be The Sylphline Realm,  but I don’t have a specific title. I was thinking of doing a play on the situations, but I’m piddling. I really do need covers and names now that I keep track of word count so I’ll work on them. Currently doing one story one week, then shifting to another the next week, and back.

Word count I started the day with: 68,314. Wrote for 20 minutes or so. Ended the day at: 68,896.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 582 words

On my mind

Official Cover - DOTRP - Book 1I started edits on Daughter of the Red Planet  (series name is The Guardian of Life)  and updated the widget on my home page. This is the 3rd round, which means inputting all those edits that I did on the paper version.

I also got the paperback proof back for Blood By Night  so I am going over that now. I have to make some adjustments to the cover because some of the images aren’t showing the way I want, and I wrote my web address wrong. As in, I forgot to add .com to it, lol. I was pretty wiped when I worked on the cover so it’s not surprising. I’m about to try and finish my calendars that I did for my newsletter list. I have the first half of the year done, now it’s time to finish the second half thanks to a stable computer that doesn’t crash every time I save on Photoshop.

Huge thank you to my newsletter subscribers
for being the most amazing people ever. I don’t usually pay attention to it, but noticed that I’m above industry standard for how many people open and read them. Big smoocher on them darn cute cheeks of yours. 😀

Why do I do this & can you participate? Answer.

What I’m reading –

Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

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