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Daily Word Count – Feb 22, 2016

This week it’s all about Kennedy #2. I know the series name will be The Sylphline Realm, but I don’t have a specific title. I was thinking of doing a play on the situations, but I’m piddling. I really do need covers and names now that I keep track of word count so I’ll work on them. Currently doing one story one week, then shifting to another the next week, and back.

Word count I started the day with: 67,115. Wrote for 45 minutes or so. Ended the day at: 68,314.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 1,199 words

On my mind

Official Cover - DOTRP - Book 1I am starting edits on Daughter of the Red Planet  (series name is The Guardian of Life) so I’ll update the widget on my home page shortly. This is the 3rd round, which means inputting all those edits that I did on the paper version.

I had a bit of a conundrum. Now that I’m using an old monitor of my brothers with this desktop, I don’t have the same setup as I did before to hold my paper. On Instagram, I’d shared an image where I used two of those butterfly clips on the edge of the screen so that it would hold the paper for me. Constantly looking down and up, down and up can get painful. Headachey too.

So for this, I can’t employ the same method. Not necessarily at least. I asked myself what I could use. What would work in a similar fashion. I’d looked around for a clipboard when I saw an old picture frame. Since there was glass in it, it has a bit of weight to it and it also has a stand on the back. I clipped my paper to the front of it to keep the paper from sliding down and now I can just fold the stand up and set aside when I’m done at night. Much easier. I could’ve used this method with my laptop too coincidentally, but I didn’t think about it. So if you’re looking for a method of holding papers up so that you can work with them easier, try using an old picture frame that has one of those stands on the back, and then add a butterfly clip to the edge. Since my frame is a 10″ frame and the paper is 11″, I have the clip on the side of the paper, instead of the top because the paper is higher than the frame.

Why do this & can you participate? Answer.

What I’m reading –

Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

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