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Daily Word Count – Feb 17, 2016

This week it’s all about Witness to the Moon. Currently doing one story one week, then shifting to another the next week, and back. Really gotta made a book cover for this one so I can include it with these posts.

Word count I started the day with: 48,141. Wrote for 45 minutes or so. Ended the day at: 50,507.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 2366 words

Fshew. Pretty good. I switched the keyboards and I think that’s helping. The other keyboard I was using was that Logitech one I mentioned previously, but today and the rest of the week, I’m trying out the keyboard that came with the desktop. I wouldn’t have bought a new keyboard had I known it came with a keyboard, but the listing on Amazon said nothing about it including a keyboard and mouse. :/ I should point out that the reason I am writing so many words in so little time right now isn’t me speeding up on the Dvorak. I am on a regular Qwerty keyboard right now, until I decide which keyboard is best for my smaller hands. I’m sure once I switcheroo back, I’ll slow again before I increase speed for the Dvorak layout. The keys on this default Dell keyboard are a lower profile and easier to press. And on Qwerty keyboards I write fairly quickly. I won’t say super fast since there are others who type faster than I, but I’m speaking only of personal.

Completely forgot to mention that I started a short story last night.

They Came in the Night is another short that I started to write to go into the Into The Midst book that I am working on. And as I say that, I realize I also for got to mention that in my newsletter last night. Oh well, next time. So on that, I think I got about 500 words. I may try to finish that story in a few hours. The title may or may not stick.

Why do this & why do I spend so little time writing? Answer.

Can you participate? Sure! Feel free to leave a comment with your daily numbers. This isn’t a competition, just a way for us to keep track of our numbers as well as MOTIVATION. We can support and motivate each other.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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