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Daily Word Count – February 15, 2016

Working on Witness to the Moon again today. Normally I’d switch, but I want to get WttM closer to Kennedy #2 in the Sylphline series. I like to switch back and forth when they are closer together. Since I started with the second in the Sylphline Series (pure Fantasy), I was way ahead of the game. It’s interesting how fast I’ve been catching up with it in terms of Witness to the Moon (you can see what the gibberish I’m talking means by looking in the sidebar and seeing the word count tracker. It’s farther for Kennedy #2 (yes, I need a name, lol). Gotta work on cover too for both of these.

Music below is what I’m starting my writing day with. Starting at 10:30 which is a good half hour past when I normally start writing, but the whole woke up late, got to workout late, etc., pushed me back. I only did one sun salutation for the yoga so that it didn’t take long, but that way I did something. I don’t do a normal sun salutation. It’s a combo of moves I made up to work my entire body in one stream of movement, and then I hold it for a determined amount of slow breaths. Five is the least I try for. More is better.

Love the song, not so much that video.

Today was a fairly crazy emotional moment. Fshew. Alex just revealed the huge secret for this book that could very well tear that bind that exists between Stefan and Mina (Alex is Stefan). Then he disappeared because I mean . . . what else do you do when you hear something that totally tears the world out from under your feet and you think the person who you were getting close to may just have become public enemy number one? It’s a lot for that particular Lycaen. I understand. He’s been through the ringer in terms of that heart of his. Hardens him.

Word count I started the day with: 48,141. Wrote for 45 minutes give or take a minute. Ended the day at: 49,577.

Goal for this book is around 90K.

Total for the day: 1436 words


Why do this & why do I spend so little time writing? Answer.

Can you participate? Sure! Feel free to leave a comment with your daily numbers. This isn’t a competition, just a way for us to keep track of our numbers as well as MOTIVATION. We can support and motivate each other.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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