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Project crochet


20 more to go before I can assemble Amber’s new blanket. I wanted a celtic aran design, but couldn’t find any for granny squares (that I liked). I’m gonna have to learn it and come up with my own pattern. First time I’ve done something like this.


Thought I’d show the blanket I wanna replace with the one you see me working on. This is Amber (13 yr old Pom mix) with her green blanket. That is the blanket I’m working to replace. She’s had it her whole life and I wanna give her a new specially made for her one. Didn’t make that green one, it was a garage sale find I think. She confiscated that neutral one you see in the back. That one I started for Kona, but ran outta yarn. She’s wearing her cute snowflake jammies.

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