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An adequately creepy movie

So this morning my brother rented two movies. One is The Last Witch Hunter and the other is The Visit. Now, if you’re like me and that name draws a blank, this should refresh your memory.

If you’re looking for a very adequately creepy movie to watch, this is a good one. I watched it in the morning, so it really shouldn’t have gotten to me, but it did. I’m not scared that easy either. When I first watched it, I saw the first POV and went, great. I don’t really like first POV filming. But since it’s an M. Night Shyamalan movie, he handled it very well. It doesn’t come across dizzy and gross like most first POV camera angles can be for me so I really appreciate that.

On to other things. I’ve been fairly quiet while I was going over Blood by Night, but not for any bad reasons. I’m not getting behind on it. I am still ahead of the game. I’ve been trying to refocus my brain, and set computers up. I got myself a cheap basic desktop (Dell) so that it could run Photoshop Elements 10 (program I use for my covers) and my Microsoft Word program (I have plugins that I purchased which can only be used with Word). The computer that we had downstairs was a Win XP so I couldn’t use it. The RAM that the programs needed, as well as the OS (Operating System) was above both computer desktops that we had so it was either spend the time and money to upgrade or just get a new desktop so that it could run the programs and give me the least downtime.

Since I got the desktop, I had to move all the programs off my laptop. My mom has been having issues with her laptop (my first I purchased and upgraded, then gave to her) so I cleared the laptop that I have been using so that the system would run a bit faster and then I imported all her important information into that laptop. It took me a good some hours yesterday to complete everything. Needless to say I was wiped (started earlier on the computer than normal) and jittery. Too much time on the computer does that to me.

Didn’t get much done in terms of work, but seeing that I don’t have to listen to a 75 year old woman griping every two minutes about the internet, the laptop she’s using, and my own system [crosses fingers that it won’t] won’t force me to restart as often when working, it’s a win all around. I told my mom the laptop is hers. She’s having a blast looking up properties with Win 10. The web pages load faster so she can basically look at more houses. That’s her relaxation she does when she’s sitting around. It helps her anyway because now the doctors prefer emailing clients so she can access all that too and I didn’t need a computer with things I didn’t use. I’m just hoping that doing this change will allow me a more stable environment to work. Trying to make book covers and write then have to restart the computer over and over was getting on my last nerve. Anyone who’s been following me long enough will have seen me mention it plenty. So I’m crossing fingers that there won’t be restarts.

I did end up getting a wireless keyboard and a mouse. The mouse is a Shhh mouse designed to be quiet and it’s really quiet. I got the white to go with the desk and design I have around me. The keyboard is a Logitech Ivory and black. I’m not sure about it yet. I have small hands and the keys are spaced apart. The reason I got this and the mouse was to help the muscles in my fingers/hands. If I have to work too hard to touch the keys, after a while it will begin to bug me. Disadvantage of small hands. Anything to keep the carpal tunnel at ease though so we will see.

The Immortal Separation paperback is sitting next to me. I have to alter a few things and then I can submit for sale.

Into the Midst paperback is halfway done. I ended up coming up with one new short story for the paperback edition. For a while I think that will be the only place to find that short story. Writing it now with pen and paper so I’m working on it.

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