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You are perfect as is

In this world of fast paced advanced living, it’s a sad fact that many believe the only way to be seen is to give themselves up by the camera. All they crave is someone to say, “I see you. I am here.” And even more to back up those words. They don’t want to be forgotten in the crowd. They want to be accepted as is. But how many go without? The biggest craving any human being wants is to just have someone BE THERE. No judgement. No condescending. No negativity. No Devil’s Advocate (which is simply another form of no support and lack of empathy). Just to embrace us when we need it. Give us empathy. Which means truly look outside of their own pain and say to that person in need, “I’m here for you.”

Well, I am here to say, you are not forgotten. You are seen by those who matter. There is someone in your life that you are making a difference for. You don’t see, but they do. You ARE important to this world because you are the only one of you who exists. Whether or not you know it, whether you believe it, there is a reason. You may never know, but you are here for a purpose.

If you need an ear, I will listen. I will never judge.

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