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Blood By Night may release in March, instead of April

My editor tells me she may finish with Blood By Night tonight, if not tomorrow. If I don’t have too much to fix (so far it doesn’t seem like too much), I may be able to get through her notes quickly. Which would mean I could move my publish date from April, to March.

And I want to mention for you again. If you haven’t read this, and you love the Dark Illusions series, you’re going to be even more excited for this book to come out. As much as I am! Read this post and you’ll find out the whole caboodling.

Here’s the cliff notes: Dark Illusions continues in this book. I won’t go into detail as to how and why as that post does and it’s a lot of spoilers. I don’t want to worry those of you who are working your way through the series after reading the post above that I will spoil anything here. I won’t. But it does!


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