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Paperwork fun

Today I’m downloading and printing out all of my paperwork from sales and the sites that I list my books through. There are three. I haven’t yet gone direct through Barnes and Noble, so I don’t have to do that one. I do sell my books through them, just through different channels.

I also sent off for my paperback proof of Immortal Separation. I was concerned that the cover file wasn’t looking as good online as it should so I need to proof a physical version before then. I didn’t even know if the cover file would be approved. For the oddest reason, the cover file was saving in a much larger format than it should’ve so I couldn’t get the darn thing to upload yesterday.

Jeanie let me know things are going well with the edits for Blood By Night. I am pleased to hear it. Crossing my fingers that it keeps up.

I think I’m going to start in on the paperback for my short stories for The Shadow Room Files. It’s going to be an extra special book though. For one, there will be more stories in it. I am calling it Into The Midst.

The stories featured will be the five Shadow Room Files plus Trust Your Instincts, and two others. Prison and Silence. I’m thinking I should find two more to make it an even 10. I do have others. Or I’ll write two new ones just for this paperback. Whichever happens. Basically I’ll start to work on it and then go from there, haha.

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