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Brain workings – synapses and neurons

I was writing some new information into the ending of Blood By Night last night. I thought I would share a link that I found that talks about what I was writing. In the end of the book it’s referring to the brain’s ability to renew itself.

In the book and the part that I wrote in there were abilities (I’m being careful not to spoil the story too much) that a character possessed, but which had been trained out, crushed out you could say. So the brain upon being triggered, sort of goes boom and triggers new synapses. Not completely new as in they are forming and making new ones that weren’t there, but they have died and came back to life. Magical creatures for you.

Anyway, here is an interesting informational link to go along with what you will be reading. I used this for research. Mostly to form my thoughts better if you’d like to read it.

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