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Blood By Night sent off


Sent Blood By Night to Creech Enterprises last night. Supremely happy about that. Today my anxiety level is up there. smh I don’t THINK it’s related because my anxiety has been up there in general lately. Either way it annoys me. Doing more yoga lately to calm the nerves. That’s what I hate about it. My body does that when stressed, even when consciously I am not aware of it and I don’t believe I am doing anything overtly stressful.

I’ve suffered this my whole life but now it’s become PTSD thanks to all I’ve been through. I don’t function in normal society. One day I’ll be JUST fine and dandy and nothing bugs me, the next even breathing makes me want to run and hide. Then the thoughts go downhill so I have to work doubly hard to keep in the positive realm.Thank goodness for my writing. Gonna make myself some hot chocolate as a treat in a bit. I don’t have to edit, but now I have time to catch up on a lot of other things today like getting the new covers up for a couple of my books.

I have to renew the cover for Dark Illusions Series. Immortal Separation, and I’m also going over the first Dark Illusions novel. The problem with that book that has pestered me to no end and I’m finally attempting to do a run through is this: when I first started out, I altered some of the story to censor the bad parts. Lack of confidence, fear of family reading and harassing me (they did anyway – the harassment, not the reading). Most of the story is fine but it has nagged me for a long time and I can’t have that in the back of my mind. I may release a newer and longer version of it if I alter a lot of it. I don’t feel any need to go over the other two, just the one. If I do, anyone who wants the new and updated copy only has to ask. Otherwise I’ll put a price up on it like I do for any of my new work, it won’t be a free download publicly.

I also will be printing out the stories I’ve been writing because it’s been a while since I have. I know there are a few other things I have to get done, can’t think of them right now.

Oh! I did want to ask. Has anyone had issues getting into the Forum? You shouldn’t have to make a profile to post so I want to make sure the public can still access it.

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