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Sunday morning relaxation

Rainy morning. There is a steady drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . next to me. The rain has decided to start coming through the fireplace. Not out into the living room, but I guess the cap that usually keeps most of the water out, isn’t doing such a good job anymore. We don’t use the fireplace because my elder mother’s sinuses don’t handle the smoke. So the fireplace doesn’t get used enough to stay dry. There is also an ordinance in our city that forbids the usage of them unless they are the main source of heat. City living.

I thought I would attempt to get a bunch of editing done on Daughter of the Red Planet. I am attempting to stay off the computer today. The headaches and dizziness was really bad the past few days. I admit to pushing myself. Seems at only 35, my body wants me to be more careful with things of that nature.

I’m sure others spend way more time on the computer than I do (I do an hour in the morning for writing and three in the afternoon for editing), but I have my limits. I have to be more conscious of that now. Far too much responsibility placed on a little girl’s shoulders makes them get old, fast. I sometimes think my 75 year old mother has more youth in her than I do. Her and my brother have always expected me to go go go so not only do I have to learn to stop that, but they have to learn to stop getting it.

I keep wondering if the cold Winter weather has to do with my exhaustion I keep feeling right now too. Could be. I know someone personally who gets depressed at this time of year (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it usually shows as exhaustion in her too. When I used to visit her (lives down the street from us, but from her heavy smoking, I had to stop visiting because the smoke gets to me too much now) she would talk about sleeping most of the day. We’ll see if as the weather warms, I stop feeling so damn tired. I know this Winter makes my knees hurt worse than ever. Cold period. I cracked them when I was young on one of those mini trampolines so now when it gets cold the knees act up. Yay for being a kid! Lol

I’m also working today on finishing a crocheted hat and scarf project for my mom’s “aunt” that she asked me to do. She calls her an aunt, but I think it’s only a term.


I’m using the same Single Crochet as it shows in the picture for the whole project. The yarn is a bit lighter than that image shows, but you can make out the silver tinsel threaded throughout. It’s very pretty.

I finished the hat last night while watching A Walk In The Woods with my mom. Good movie. And then I got a head start on the scarf this morning while I watched a new movie I found, Extinction. A new take on zombies. Decent movie.

Going to make a baked pancake for lunch for my mom and I, and then do some editing. After that hopefully finishing the crochet scarf. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

I will leave you with a picture I took this morning. Terrible one because of trying to capture it with one hand. I was trying to take an image of Kona wanting a hug for myself. Then I thought, why not share the cuteness? They love to get held (hugged) like this. Every since they were born. My sweet boy. He just got a haircut so he’s wearing his batman shirt for warmth. That is the BEST shirt for him. Too cute.


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