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Pausing edits for breather

Not quite sure why I feel so incredibly exhausted today, but I do. I know I woke up a few times during the night, once being 3:30 AM (checked meh clock) and that will work against me. Maybe just too many nights like that. It was odd. I woke up to what sounded like the cat throwing up, but . . . not. A second later, Kona let out this deep growl when I turned over on my back to hear if it was the cat and try to listen for the sound. Kona was the only dog who growled too. I sssshhhhed him but I heard no other sounds. Then my brain was all, I bet you anything if you look at the clock it’s about 3 AM-ish. Which is why I turned the clock on.

The Witching Hour. I’ve used that in a short story I wrote (Veronica – No #3) because the time is significant with paranormal activity. I’d say it was just my internal clock setting me to wake up at that time because when you’ve done that a few times your body will set itself to continue to wake at that time, buuuuuuttt for the sound and Kona’s reaction. If it were the cat, Kaley would’ve reacted too. Kona has been in this extra “guard momma” time lately at night so I find it interesting.

All this said, yes, we do have activity in this house. It’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t believe, but it’s been going on all my life. When I was little I was afraid of sleeping by myself in my bedroom because I just KNEW there was something in my room. And I was frightened of it. I used to see black shapes a lot, lights and TV’s like to turn on by themselves. Or off. The heater has been turned on when none of us did it. So many more oddities that I started writing them down then quit because it was too much. I’ve heard noises and felt things that are definitely not my imagination. We’re the first and only individuals who’ve ever lived here, so it’s not as if someone died here other than pets. I’m rarely afraid of what happens now that I’m older. Just seems like this past month there has been some increase of the nightly oddities.

I’m not the only one who experiences that. My brother has been feeling something touch him at night (he has no animals in his room) and hears voices. It’s funny. There was one night  over a week ago that I thought he was up until I went to bed because I heard voices and I assumed he was watching TV. I asked him what time he went to bed. He told me he went to bed at 7 PM. I heard the sounds at 9 PM and my mom was snoring away by that time in another part of the house. Sooo. lol

This is why I don’t discount anything I’m told, and I’m open-minded. I’ve heard something puff out a breath not an inch from my face while I was brushing my teeth. Ya can’t say things don’t exist when that happens. It’s also why I’m fascinated by the other side of life and fully believe there is another sort of existence out there that we just can’t see. I just hope that whatever is enjoying itself around here will cease playing around at night. At least with me. I need my sleep.

On other things. I am almost halfway through my final read through for Blood By Night.

Have you ever experienced things out of the ordinary?

If you don’t believe in things like that, that’s cool. I may have differing ideas if I had never experienced thing like this either.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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