Dark Illusions



One of the most loved characters in my DARK ILLUSIONS series. Some deem vampires like him the most monstrous of all because his clan most resembles the classic vampire that one can’t even look at. Red eyes, extremely pale skin, and sharp pointed ears.

Well, he makes up for that by being the gentlest individual he can be. A gentleman who keeps to himself, loves to paint, and has an endearing love for Kat. Perhaps because she sees him as beautiful. Not the monster that he and others see him as. Kober’s clan is hated because they are a reminder to all vampires. A reminder that at their hearts, all the vampires are monsters, demon even, not human.

Kober also prefers to use the paintings as a way to calm this inner beast in a way. Because if he doesn’t find an outlet for his anger. . . well, Kat learns why nobody crosses Kober in DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER.

Kober’s clan is known as the: Vakava

2 replies on “Kober”

From the moment Kober stepped in to help Kat is when he became my hero not the “princes”. In some ways he is the beast from: Beauty & the Beast.


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