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What is the secret already!

Before I start editing, I’m finishing this darn post! Also wanna mention that today is the day Trust Your Instincts is available to purchase! Grab your copy for only $0.99 before I raise the price. (It’s when I remember to so I don’t have a specific date or time – I am most fabulous I know!)

I’ve been hinting at a few secrets regarding this latest book that I’m editing Blood By Night. One of the secrets that I have been keeping will be a long time coming, but I thought I’d go ahead and divulge the first and biggest secret that I’ve kept regarding the novel. This is going to be an adventure and I truly hope it makes you as happy to read as it’s made me to discover. That’s right, I didn’t know anything about this until maybe the end of Summer last year. It was while I was editing Don’t Go Far.

If you haven’t read the Dark Illusions Books, or don’t want spoilers, don’t read below.










So. The big secret is based purely off of one very important person. Okay, technically a lot of characters because this is sort of a two-parter.

First part.

At the end of  Dark Illusions, Kat’s child was named what?


So stop here, and go readsie this information again on Blood By Night.

What have you learned?

That Dark Illusions has in a way continued! Yay, right?! {pause for happy dance}

I discovered the reason I was constantly back and forth with that “werewolf book” that kept giving me headaches. It was because I had yet to put two and two together. The lead female was that darn Kat’s daughter. (Leads to the moment of – of course. Like mother, like daughter. They are a handful.) Which thrilled me to no end to learn by the way. So I renamed the lead female character in Blood By Night to Kylarra and things tumbled-toppled into place. The editing made sense, the hard work began. Not just with connecting it all together, but the rewriting of some incredibly poor-written scenes.

That wasn’t the end of it. Oh, no, no, no. Not by far.

Which leads me into Don’t Go Far. I didn’t plan that segue, my creative brain is simply that awesome. I’m winging it completely here. Not sure how to divulge all of this otherwise.

Second part.

SPOILER – don’t continue if you haven’t read Don’t Go Far and don’t like spoilage on your reading 😉.








I came to that find (read: treasure) above while busy with Don’t Go Far. Then I discovered some scenes that I dusted off while editing that again made me scratch my head.

See, in Don’t Go Far Stefan reaches out for help near the end. We remember that?

Who did mister Stefan reach out to find and who did he have to go through?

Stefan was having to go through a man named Patrick. He wanted to find a man who people were calling The Reaper. (Makes me smile to read that, I love him so and it’s all so amazing how the connections are being discovered. I feel like an archaeologist uncovering all these hidden trails to explore.)

Now who do we know that goes by that name or who people called The Reaper?

Come over here with me. Let’s take a trip back into Dark Illusions territoryWe know a man who fell in love with a woman, and who was afraid of said woman finding out just how bad he used to be. A creature people knew only from their nightmares, a killing machine. A man who didn’t go by his name for a long time because he’d became a monster when turned. When he was turned, he became an instrument for the man who turned him: Patrick Stratchev.

In Don’t Go Far it’s mentioned that Patrick is setting up shop in the city and taking over. So Don’t Go Far is technically before Dark Illusions time. Almost like a prelude to it because Patrick is the one in charge in Don’t Go Far. Stefan is attempting to go through other means to get a hold of someone he thinks could help him.

The Reaper.

Follow me down this next trail. (Here’s some snack mix.)

So we have Stefan connecting to Patrick who connects to Julian who connects to Kat who connects to Kylarra. And now I’m writing a story that features Mila Warren who is connected to Stefan though she doesn’t know him yet. Mila is also connected to Kylarra. (Gotta read the book when it comes out to know that connection. :p)

Which means that not only is Kylarra – Dynasty of Moirae series (Blood By Night – Book One) connected to the Dark Illusions series but the Dynasty of Moirae series is connected to the Enchanting the Moon series (Don’t Go Far – Book One).

They all are! In an interweaving web of beautimous (I’m sure that’s a word.)

Kylarra’s series seems to be the continuation of DI, but I won’t say it is because there is always a chance that it will continue on it’s own.

What does all of that mean in this wonderful world? Lemme write out the series names and books I’ve written about above to make better sense.

We have:

Dark Illusions – 

Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Book One
Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Book Two
Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter – Book Three

Enchanting The Moon – 

Don’t Go Far – Book One
Witness To The Moon – Book Two – currently writing see sidebar

Dynasty Of Moirae – 

Blood By Night – Book One
Law Of The Beast – Book Two – haven’t yet written, but hoping to start soon


Introducing (thanks to my editor for the most awesome wonderful name!) the –

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe


The universe in which all three series take place – the universe where all the characters live and breathe (and cause their writer headaches trying to wrangle them all up for conversation). Each series stands alone, but you’ll find they are all connected. You’ve got to get in there with a shovel to find out how many connections there are. I actually want to squeal and happy dance right now, that is how happy this all makes me. Orrrr maybe jump up and down and clap. Orrrrrr do the Carlton dance. Maybe all the above.

Now to make it really easy on my readers – you – I thought I would fix a marker of sorts so that when you’re perusing, you’ll know which books are a part of that series. Below is what I’m attaching to the covers. When you see it on a book? That book is part of this universe. That means that somehow the characters within said book are somehow entwined with the characters from the other series.


You see that on a cover? You’ll know.

I think for this part of the fun surprise, this trail wandering has come to an end! Now you see why it took me a week to get this written. Had to make sure it all made some sense, and it was a lot to write out.

If this excites you as much as it does mehself let me know in the comments.

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