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Finished! Blood By Night on next phase –

All right! I’ve updated my editing widget on the front page for Blood By Night.

5/7 steps. Going through “bug list” now. Common words, phrases, terms that I don’t always catch and wanna clean up. Usually spans about a month, then I can send to Creech Enterprises for editing.

Just finished the 4th round of edits. Normally it would take me quite some time with it, but I happily surprised myself by taking much less time in that phase even though I had to do a lot of work. Even during last month. I was concerned that having to put Sabrina down would’ve screwed with my editing, but thankfully it didn’t. Well, it did. There were many days I edited through tears. It took me until January to stop crying every other day. I can make it a week now. Victory! So I’ll amend that above to say that it didn’t put me behind.

Since my mom went to take a nap (her kidneys are acting up today) and brother is sleeping (worked from 9 PM last night to 11 AM this morning doing security), I’ll try and finish the blog post I mentioned earlier today. That way the dogs will stay quiet. Did some cleaning before lunch. Don’t need to rush.

I’ll probably start in on the next phase with Blood By Night tomorrow.

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