Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Eet’s all white

Started to snow around noon here. We’ve been in the 40’s all week and it’s  been really cold and icy. I’m sure the snow may stick around because of the chill. The ice certainly hasn’t thawed all week. It’s interesting how as a child we are exuberant about seeing snow but now as an adult who is concerned about other things, I find that the excitement is bowled over by the thought that is not good for the roof.

I thought I’d take some photos of Chewbacca because he had to potty and loves the snow. So I followed him outside and watched him for a bit.

These are what I captured.



Little bits of snow on his mug and head. I doubled up on shirts for him because I only recently cut his hair. The blue collar one and then a basketball Jersey that says USA on it. (It’s a weetle tight.)

I’m working on helping him lose 5 lbs. With my mom’s medical issues, Chewbacca spent time in her bed on her bad days and didn’t get the exercise needed. Being her dog, he wanted to remain with her. I have my hands full so when she sleeps on those bad days, I tend to let her, and avoid waking her by taking him, haha. While my brother was truck driving I was using his treadmill to exercise Chewbacca (after my own workout), but now that brother isn’t working on the road he piles random stuff on it and it’s difficult to keep clean.

I’m attempting to take a break today instead of working. I installed a new theme on my site so I have been playing with the colors, updating my header and gold link color I used, and trying to simplify my sidebar more. Because of all that piddling, I thought I’d give my brain a break. For the strangest reason, I find my anxiety start up if I’m on “digital” too much. That includes phones, Web sites, sometimes too much TV works. It’s almost anything electronic. When I overdose like I have this week, I take Sunday off to replenish. Technically I shouldn’t even be blogging, but I’m going to read after this.

A random short story idea struck me  while I was taking a shower –  go figure –  so I kinda want to work on that, but I think I’m going to write that first part in my head on a sheet of paper, and then see if I want to keep going that way, or leave it. I find writing short stories is much easier for me if I do them with good ol’ fashioned pen and papeh.

Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday too. If not, try and get some time to yourself today to breathe and relax a little. Gosh knows we could all use a break.

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