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Dvorak fun

I’ve talked about switching to using a Dvorák keyboard to help out my hands for a few months now. Well, I made the switch! I’ve been using the Dvorák keyboard on my phablet for . . . maybe a couple months?

With the way my right hand has felt I thought it time to switch and learn. The biggest benefit for me was how many people mentioned that their hands felt better. I really didn’t want to make the switch until some fabled “right” time in my head. Then I went, the pain is worse and there really is no right time in terms of a writer’s life. I write for an hour every morning and edit [on the computer] for three hours or so in the afternoon. I usually try to edit in the morning and evening but it’s not on the computer.

There is no right time.

So I decided since I’ve been puttery with my work thanks to losing Sabrina at the beginning of December, that it could work in my favor. Especially this week since I’m working on my second Kennedy book {see sidebar} and I’m trying to transition from the first part of this book to the thoughts in my head for later scenes. This will happen when I stop outlining (I did). I have the later ideas there, but gotta find the bridge to connect to that next little land (read: scene).

I am currently writing with the Dvorak keybarod right now. It’s not an actual keyboard as much as a bunch of stickers. I’m on a laptop so switchrooing the actual keyboard when I may or may not go back, is a bit more intense work than I’m willing to do. Read: I’m a lazy bitch.

In this case, there was another benefit I didn’t consider. My laptop keys were fading! I didn’t notice until I put the stickers on. I got these from Amazon for around $5-ish. Don’t remember exactly what I paid. Makes it easier to see as I type.

The real question you are probably wondering: how is the writing?

Well, I’ve probably slowed my typing by half, and I have only been writing a tiny bit today and the other day. I’m talking real writing, not the tap tap tap I do in editing most of the time. My speed increases by the minute. I may type out some blogs the next few days so that by the end of the week, I could be back to typing speed. Practice and all.

No, I am not using a program to help me. Doing it the same way I learned to type fast in the first place. Stare at keyboard off and on, try to lessen it as time goes on, force myself to stare at screen more. Normal? Probs not. Aggravating making brain and fingers go to different places than used to, and feeling like I’m starting over?

Helly, yes. {<– type of typos I make, lol}

I’ve never been a conventional learner though. I do it my way dawwit! {well . . . that’s awkward.}

My little Pom mix and 13 year old, Amber went in to get some teeth extracted yesterday. Apparently she’s lost more teeth than we realized. We knew with age she was, but the little booger was mostly gums in the center part of her mouth. Today she has been a grumbly tumbly because she can’t stand not having her normal crazy enegy and I’m sure her gums are sore. I understand all too well. I had 3 wisdom teeth taken out some years back, no gas {makes me throw up}, and no pain meds after.

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