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Pages are up for The Guardian of Life Series – SciFi

I forgot to mention when I made the last page, but I finished the pages for Daughter of the Red Planet, as well as Ancient Scars. These are the two books in my The Guardian of Life series.

You’ll notice in the featured image above, that I have covers for three books. There will be three books, but the best part? Haven’t yet written the third! I have an idea for it, but I thought I’d make the cover right away for a change.

The book in edits is Blood By Night.

After that is released, I will be publishing Daughter of the Red Planet and then Ancient Scars. A note on my release dates. I tend to be generous with them to allow for “life events” to interfere. So on some books, the dates may be bumped up – I can release faster. That’s why I put a note on the date saying “possibly sooner.”

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