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Could use your help

Which one of these engages you more and you’d be likely to grab the book to find out more information?

If you’re a fan of the series, then you can go by that too. Which one do you think works best. I won’t tell you which I prefer since I don’t want that to alter your thoughts.

The first set are two different images I’m contemplating using for the new Dark Illusions: The Beginning cover. (If you haven’t read my newsletter, I’m rebranding the covers for 2016.)

The second set is the same, but with different fonts for the Dark Illusions: The Beginning title. The more I stare at them the more I doubt my thoughts.

2016 test DITBvs2
Number 1 – A
2016 test
Number 2 – A

And here is the second set. Everything is the same, the only change is the font I’m using for the title.

2016 test DITBvs2_b
Number 1 – B
2016 test_b
Number 2 – B

8 responses to “Could use your help”

  1. 2B. Eye contact makes me feel involved. In The first one the crooked letters are distracting and make me think that something was overlooked which is not really encouraging for what is inside


  2. 2-B… sexy eye staring deep into my soul (yes please)… larger font, making it easier for my tired, old eyes to see the title… definitely 2-B


    • Appreciate the help, April. Thank you. I’ll definitely have to keep in mind the larger font since I know many of my readers are older. Heck, even my eyes give me issues by the end of the day.


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