Blog Blood By Night

Today’s tasks

Over 50K written in Kennedy #2. I think I need to start coming up with covers and names for the two books. Pure Fantasy.

Right now I’m working on the website again. Yesterday I added a few extra widgets on the homepage for “On Deck” (future projects) and “Recently Released.” Today I’ll be writing up a draft synopsis for the ones on deck, and making pages. Also attempting to finish my page that I started a while ago for all the projects that I have written, need to rewrite, etc. They won’t be in order and it may be a bunch of draft nonsense for now, but they’ll be there. I’m getting a little bit better at estimating my timelines for the work involved, as well as which ones I’ll work on and publish next so I may even have estimated dates of release on some of them. I’ll be extremely generous with the dates if I do that. Too many things can come up to change those dates.

Jeanie mentioned the possibility of having BLOOD BY NIGHT back to me so I may end up getting started on that over the weekend if she does.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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