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Handy trick to holding paper while editing

Thought I would share if you were looking for similar idea. Constantly having to look from my manuscript to the laptop was making me get headaches and nausea too easy while inputting changes from my paper manuscript to my digital (constant movement like that for me is icky). I wanted to figure out how to put my papers directly next to the laptop since I have so much to change with the edits. Found my solution! The two red clips are at the top of the screen, and the one blue-ish is at the bottom. I placed a cotton ball under the red to avoid damage since it’s the one that remains the longest. I can hold quite a lot of paper in the top clips and the bottom acts more to keep it from angling to the side. I should point out I have a book (cup works too) behind to position the paper where I want it. I can slip one sheet out at a time as I complete the work. It’s not the best method, or pretty at all, but it works for me. I sped up my inputting time. #amediting #homemade #lifehack (Originally posted here –

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