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Put my durn foot down. #amwriting

So I said yesterday that I would break Kennedy.

I forgot.


I was writing my newsletter, and focusing on that, and trying to finish work on a special project I’m going to give out to my newsletter subscribers in the next two or so newsletters. Trying to update my newsletter took my focus and made me forget to break Kennedy so I’m using most of my writing time today to break Kennedy as I was going to yesterday.

I broke her at around 86,585K words. Seems a bit small, but when I get her into editing, I’ll probably add a good 10-20+K words, so in truth, it’s not that small. Since I cut it there, the new Kennedy #2 book has 40,431 words already in it now. That means I’m halfway done with that one.

We shall see how it goes. Here’s a bit of a sample for you –

I’m going to share this moment between Kennedy and Mr. Giles, the equivalent of a butler because it’s so few words, but I adore it being such an incredibly tender moment. No real words are spoken, but everything is said. I’ll have to tweak it a bit to really bring forth the emotion in the tiny scene. It’s a powerful one. So little said. So much there.

She cleared her throat. “Yes.” A tear slid down the side of her face and hit the pillow. “Tell me about it.” Once more her words caught inside her and she managed only to get out, “Please.”

A soft hand slid over her hands on her chest. His fingers curled around her hands. Another tear slid down her cheek.

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