Kennedy is a stinker. #amwriting

I seriously need to just break Kennedy’s story. I know it’s a series and I’ve gone well past 120K by now, but I just keep writing instead. It’s getting ridiculous.

I usually break my novels around 80-90K-ish because in editing I will add way more detailing work, and words. Then when I hit publish, they will be anywhere from 80-100K-ish. For me, that is where my sweet spot word count is. I know plenty who go past that, and who like larger counts, but right now, I don’t.

Grbls. She’s becoming a stinker. I’ve normally never had a problem like this. So it’s interesting. Maybe it’s the realization that when I break it, I’ll truly be working on the second book, rather than still the first. Maybe it’s procrastination. Or a form of Resistance. Maybe I just like seeing that larger word count. I think later today after I get lunch, I’m going to do it, period. No letting resistance win, even in that minor form.

I’m putting my foot down.

But first, I have to put my dogs outside, then do some house cleaning, THEN I’ll put my foot down.

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