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For a while, I have been thinking about this, but constantly chickened out. Mostly because I felt like nobody would want to do it.

Writing was once something we did to connect to one another. It wasn’t a way to earn money, to share products, to beg people to buy our stuffs. It was a way to get to know one another. With the craze of social networking, that too has taken over the old-fashioned writing snail mail (I still love it!) letters, but I wonder if we can’t bring that to life online?

It seems to me like most of the bloggers have grown to be niche fillers, marketing experts, brand builders, and rather than using blogging as a way to connect, it’s all about filling a niche, or a certain amount of posts. Blogging every day to the point of exhaustion. The creativity has left in favor of “duty.”

I’m not an exception, I’ve been there. Technically I’m still there with my writing for my books, as many authors are. That, is writing I love. Even when I struggle and want to smash the laptop to pieces. Truth. I still love it because I wouldn’t put my bootum in the chair every morning and do it if I wasn’t passionate for it.

Being an author, I need something outside of the novel writing, and being a creative I like to come up with creative stuff I can do, or that others can, and hopefully that they will enjoy and participate in. I am still a people pleaser at heart in many ways. I like to make you happy. It is why I do most of the things that I do, and why when a fan says they love my work, I mean it when I say you have made my entire day! If I can make someone have a better day with a few words, it’s a good day.

I wanted a way to bring back the old town, everyone knows your name and shares in what you do feel, but for blogging/writing in the online arena. I am one of those types of people. I still wave to my neighbors across the street and say hi when I see them, I smile at strangers on the street and wish them a great day (strangers love to tell me their entire life story and I am okay with it). I know that that particular group of bloggers still exist. I have seen them, I have heard them. Maybe you are one.

I crave it.

I see too many people disconnecting, but maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one who wants to grow roots in one place and be accepted for the person I am, and not be expected to constantly change, move, and better myself. Maybe as I am, is enough, and as you are, is enough.

I want to start an old-fashioned writing group like the one that exists in my head, where people come to blog and chat with one another, a group atmosphere. A place where a group of people connect with one another for that first purpose alone. Human beings connecting, even if just online. For some of us, that is all our lives permit at the moment. A place where we are all accepted, whether we are great at grammar, or not. Whether we are super duper creative, or not. Whether or not we agree with everything each other believes, or not.

This is my idea, and plan.

On the 1st of every month, I will have a prompt.

This will be initially chosen by yours truly, but thereafter, it will be up to the “favorite” blogger/writer who has been chosen from the previous month. If they can’t, I will choose one.

On the 2nd of that month, the prompt will be shared.

You will have two weeks to come up with and write a blog post on that topic, and then share the link with me (you can use the “contact me” link in my navigation, or send to k.ivers at outlook dot com) so that I can accrue them all for the next blog post. You only have to send me the link, title would help too. You can also drop the link in the comments, but when I add it to the blog, I’ll remove the comment.

Your blog post can be anything. Photos of your current life based on that word/sentence. Poetry. Regular blog with your thoughts to share, or what is going on in your life. Mini story. Haiku. Song. Memory that you relive. Crafts that have to do with that word/sentence/prompt. Even a recipe. Post a piece of art and discuss it, or ask for it to be discussed. This is a group for creatives. So anything goes.

On the 16th of that month,  a blog post will be shared with all entries for that prompt.

Everyone can read the entries, comment, reply to comments, and decide on which is your favorite.

On the 26th of that month, the favorite entry is chosen by the group.

Come back to the blog links and let us know which entry is your favorite. The favorite gets to choose what the next prompt is for the group. I think we should all share that link around the social sphere. This group is about connecting with us, but it would be nice to share what they worked hard for. Only the link on that blog post from the 16th is eligible.

Note: I will add a place in my sidebar so you can come and check out the current prompt, then the links for where to find entries, as well as previous month’s “favorite” entry.

This site has a group here (, which you can use for gathering, or your can use your own blogs, my blog, and the like. I do have a social network and other fun goodies for those who make an account through my site, and all information is secure. I will never rent, share, or sell any information you trust me with. (Most of it, I can’t access.)

This way I, and you, will understand who really wants to be a part of this. Until I have ten people, I won’t start. You can bring a friend into the gathering, you can tell another blogger who is looking for this, or like me, a writer who just needs some other people to chat with. I don’t see this as being a huge group. Maybe it will grow in time, but I know that with growth, less will participate and I really want this to work so those who do post, and participate, have people who will read what they write. My intention is to bring to this group the exact connection that I seem to bring everywhere. A woman I grew up around said it best, “you are the glue that holds them together.”

I want to use that. For you. For me.

What do you think? Are you interested?

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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