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Crochet the day away

Here is what I started with. I really liked the look of this cell phone holder that I found on etsy. I’d link it, but can’t find the original post. For a while now, we have been trying to find my mom a case for her cell phone that fits. She has a RCA cell phone that is difficult to find a nice cover for. It’s fairly slick backed too, so it tends to slip all over the place. I started to practice the shell stitch with embroidery floss, then had to restart it a few times because my math kept being all wrong for the size, haha. I’m apparently great at all math, but ze crochet, haha.


This is the finished project. I flipped it upside down (the yarn was where I started because I figured I would start the case then go from there and it would help my size issue) and kinda tucked it inward toward the bottom, then added a strap and a button.


Here is my helper (Kona), as you can tell, he was cold. He’s so freaking cute. That’s his mom in front (Kendra) with me, but notice she isn’t covered. My little Batman is tough!

Needless to say the reaction I was got was mediocre, but I’m used to it. I also finished up the stocking cap I was working on her for (below), and I’m currently doing a scarf. These two things I was doing last year, but never finished and got busy with other projects to get done.



I’ve restarted the below scarf a few times too just because I couldn’t settle on what stitch I wanted to use for it. The V-stitch is what I think I’ll do. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue so being Navy, not all stitches show up very nicely. Very pretty color, but dark. I’m using it because my mother has gloves that match the color and that’s where I started from.

Here’s what the V-stitch looks like as I start it. Don’t know if it shows up well, even with the flash on. It’s a nice look. I started the scarf with a row of double crochet. I was watching Mad Max – Fury Road while I started this and messed up one of my V stitches, but went oh well, and thankfully, it didn’t matter. It’s on the part of the scarf not showing and not even noticeable.


These are all things that I’ll be adding to a shop as I go. I considered Etsy, but I already have a shop over on eBay that I will probably use to list the items as I finish. Most will be able to be customized. Different stitches or colors being used.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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