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Do you love the Dark Illusions Series?

I’ve been working on a very special surprise for the fans of that series. During my editing of Don’t Go Far, things started to come out of which I found out that the series Enchanting the Moon was related in many ways to the Dark Illusions Series. Oh, but it gets better!

Enchanting the Moon [Series] is connected to the Dark Illusions [series], and because the Dark Illusions [series] is connected with my Werewolf Series, which I am now calling the Dynasty of Moirae [series], that means that it too, is connected to Dark Illusions and Enchanting the Moon.

Enter the:

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe


The Universe in which all three series are connected. Oh if only I had more hours in the day to complete everything I want, including the surprise for that.

I am waiting to reveal more than what I’ve said, because I want to wait until Don’t Go Far gets released, and perhaps even the first in my werewolf series, but I have made a signup list that you can receive a free gift through, and which I will notify you of releases and other fun goodies related to the universe, and those books/series.

The Dark Illusions Clan Heritage map. At least what there is so FAR. Hint hint. 😉

[sign up for the list here]

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