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Random numbers I found

Kobo rates DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING higher in Sci Fi Fantasy, Horror. I find that interesting. Even more is that DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER is rated higher than that (it’s numbered in the top 2500). All without advertising or working hard at trying to gain numbers too.

I find that interesting how books can be indexed on sites.

#7422 in Romance, Paranormal
#3075 in Sci Fi & Fantasy, Horror

FINAL CHAPTER (Book Three) is:

#2490 in Fiction & Literature, Horror
#3075 in Sci Fi & Fantasy, Horror

These are numbers I randomly notice when updating my book pages. I don’t keep track. For me personally I don’t because I feel like that will alter how I write, and I don’t want that to. Same with public reviews. I don’t go searching so I won’t get down on my writing, or get too big of head from my writing. I used to watch the public reviews, but not anymore. Live and learn and all. And truthfully, I don’t have the time to do that. If I’m online, I’m not working if I’m searching out all the places that my books are, just to read those reviews. As far as I’m concerned, if someone wishes to tell me what they think about my book, they will contact me or they will post on my site. Those are the best opinions to hear. Yes, even the bad ones.

I’m happy with that however. I really love my stories. So when a book does well for me, I feel proud for the people IN the books. After all, it’s their story I’m telling, not my own.

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