Goblin Care 101

Birthday Girl

Somebody’s birthday today!

This girl is seven years old today. She is almost twenty pounds. Far above the little kitten we brought home, and much healthier than the little critter infested with fleas and enough worms to cause her stomach to bloat.

Dakota (inspiration for my character’s name in the “Cody” novels, haha) was a wild kitty who my mom threatened many times with giving up for adoption because she was beyond abused before we got her. We couldn’t hold her for longer than a second before she’d scream and scratch and go nuttos.

After many times of my arms being cut up all over the place, she can now be held, carried around (not long periods since she retains some of her wildness), and loved on without causing a ruckus.

Her bday treat today is a special can of kitty food that is normally reserved for when she is sick. 😀


Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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