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Do the work

That’s the mantra that Steven Pressfield uses.

Do the work.

That’s such a simple saying, but actually sitting down and doing the work, it’s a bit more difficult to do, isn’t it? Implementing that one thing is what pays off though. It’s not until we have worked our craft, learned it, and become really good at it that we get noticed. There are exceptions, but that’s where all the masters come from. They come from people who sit down, pound out the words, build the homes, etc., then learn how best to do their particular craft.

It’s something that has stuck with me from what Will Smith said was his secret to success.

This isn’t quoted word for word, but the premise is the same. He said: it’s simple, when the other guy goes home, I’m working. When the other guy is partying, I’m working. When the other guy call in sick, I go in, and I work.

So basically, he does the work.

I found a great video. This is the same belief that I have –

I’ve watched him since he first started acting. Yes, that long. That long I have been a fan and I have respected all the work he does. I think he’s incredible, so is his wife.

I read this article today from Cal Newport that goes along with this. Its a great piece to read on Einstein.

Even Einstein sat down and did the work long before he made the fated brilliance that people know him for. Your brilliance comes after you’ve sat down at the computer and written. It comes after you sit down and study the books. It comes after you’d been sawing wood and building. Not before.

Keep learning all that you can about your craft. Keep learning long after you think you know all you can because that is the time that you’ll find you still have more to learn. You can’t create anything until you start. There is no finish line without the starting point.

Do the work.

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