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#Amwriting- Surpassing word count

I think I have to up my total word count for my writing trackers. You’ll see on the sidebar that they have 80K set (they did when I wrote this). That was my early estimate on what I’d write to with each of my books. In editing I tend to add another 10K words in with detailing.

Well, I have Kennedy’s at 76K right now (76,361 to be exact). Still have WAY more to write. I definitely won’t be stopping at 80K. There is more to the story, which will pass the 80K mark when I’m done.

I may top it on purpose at 90K (read: call book one finished) and proceed into book two of the series since I have planned for another book. Guess we shall see. I still have 4 days worth of writing in this book before I move to the next one. Looking over there at the writing trackers tells me that they all will be bumped up to 90K. By the time you read this, you’ll see the difference.

Since I’m chatting about it, how about a teaser? I’m playing with the descriptions as you’ll notice, lol.


The snippet shared below is raw in all its glorious draft worthiness. By the final stage of publishing, the words below may end up completely changed from what you see here. You have permission to share this page with anyone you wish, but you don’t have permission to cut and paste this work anywhere. This is my original, unedited first look access.

The curtains on the bed were drawn. Light filtered through the cracks. Same day?

A shadow drifted across the opening of the curtain. A moment later the side of the bed that faced the window was slipped to the side.

Kennedy closed her eyes and murmured, “And what do you want?” You’re the last person I need to see.

Mr. Giles smiled. “How do you feel?”

She lifted one eyelid. “Like I got ran over by a brontosaurus. Yourself?”

Mr. Giles chuckled. “I would imagine so. Quite the show you put on dear. One that I’m afraid has placed you at the top of the food chain.”

“What do you mean? What happened?” The mini sous-chef in her body decided it proper to move into her head and began to carve slices of her brain apart for his guests. His guests being the continuous throbbing of her muscles. She moaned. With a great struggle, she raised an arm and rubbed at her temples.

Lots to wonder about hmm?

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