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Domain finally changed!

Oh I’m uber happy that I finally got my domain fixed.

I really wanted to get one in particular (I may still keep an eye on it and just forward it to this one), but when I searched out my full name on, which is, it came up. No waiting, no extraordinary prices I had to pay to grab it.

And the best part? They had a sale on it. I like to think of kismet in those moments and I tend to pay attention to signs like that.

So now I finally settled on a domain for this site outside of the old


My fingers are so used to typing that I keep wanting to do it. No worries about using the old for the next year or two. I usually keep the old domains and forward them until people get used to it. Also because there are so many of my books downloaded that have the old information that I want to be assured that you’ll be directed here.

But if you (like myself) like to get things done right away, and don’t want to put it off, go ahead and update your bookmark to the new site address.


I’m super happy.

On a completely unrelated note other than to do with being happy about it, I won a contest that GnCBishop was having over on YouTube. You should really check out her videos. If you like makeup, or just watching someone really adorable, stop by and check out her channel. I think I first found her when she was talking about blonde highlights, then I found her pregnancy videos fascinating.


2 responses to “Domain finally changed!”

    • Thanks! Yeah, I have a name like yours. A bit too common apparently. I was worried about the length, but I think in the end it will help me. Easier to memorize.


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