Movie Review

Movie review – Maggie

Have you seen Maggie yet?

Have you seen Maggie yet?

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the movie or not, but Maggie is a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin, in which she plays his daughter turning into a zombie.

At least that’s what the commercials portray, and why I wanted to see it. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger as an actor so I try to watch any movie he is in. They are usually good.

I won’t talk about the plot since I don’t like people doing that, but it’s fairly similar to what the commercials made it out to be. The difference is how it’s filmed.

When I saw the commercials, I thought it was going to be more like say, The Walking Dead (love it!) or World War Z (also love it!). It was filmed more like a documentary. Same sort of idea as the movie and TV show I mentioned, but . . . in a documentary format. I’m not saying that to put it down. In fact, I thought it was really well done, and I cried at the ending of the movie. Father + daughter bonds like that usually get to me that way.

If you haven’t seen it, or are thinking about it I would definitely check it out if I were you, just realize going in how it was filmed. The commercials show most of the action, but it’s a fairly low-key (to me) movie. On that aspect it was a bit jarring to get myself adjusted to the different style of filming than what I was expecting.

On the other hand, it just hit me that it’s really important not to play up anything as one style, only to have it be a bit different. Takes adjusting when we are starting to watch, or read as the case may be.

I’m glad I watched it this morning though. good movie to check out. Not your traditional zombie movie.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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